What is it?

This is Jonathan Palfrey's personal Web site; although, frankly, it just contains an assortment of old bits and pieces. I now spend most of my Web time on Facebook and Flickr; I sometimes add things to my blogs, but rarely add anything substantial here.

If you want to know who I am or how to contact me, click here.

If you want to know what Thurb means, or why this is, click here.

What's new here

Dec 2015: Update my Terry Pratchett page.

Miscellaneous writings

I've written a bunch of book and film reviews, a Lord Darcy timeline, and accounts of my holiday in the Seychelles and our honeymoon cruise in the Caribbean. If you want any more, here are my thoughts on politics, religion, programming, the Swatch beat, a sensible calendar, and space travel times.


I've always liked playing games of skill, but I rarely seem to get the opportunity these days. You can find here complete rules for the Advanced Battleships pencil-and-paper game, notes on American Civil War games, a list of computer games I've bought (should anyone want to know), and my thoughts on unreal-time games and Chess.

My photos on Flickr

Having lived in 12 countries and visited 16 others, I have a large collection of travel and personal photos, and I'm gradually uploading a small selection of them to Flickr. Here are links to an overview of the photos, the latest photos I've uploaded, some family photos, and my travel photos in chronological order.

Other Web activities

I'm a member of Facebook and LinkedIn, and I have an occasional blog of random observations.


Here are my favourite Web sites, quotations, music, books, and short stories.

Family corner

This currently contains a record of my sister's acting career and my mother's biography of the ballet dancer John Gilpin.

School corner

A long time ago, I attended two boarding schools in England while my parents were in Africa: Stouts Hill in Gloucestershire, then Blundell's in Devon. Blundell's has its own Web site, but Stouts Hill closed down as a school in 1979, so I've dedicated some pages to its memory here. These are intended for other veterans of the school and aren't really of general interest.

Assorted funnies (not written by me)

Signs of life, school history, IKEA divorce video (3.8 MB), job application, not fishing, ruin sorbees, fur comment, rejection rejected, parenthood, tax, the reluctant cannibal

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