To Turn the Tide: Characters

A draft list of main characters in S. M. Stirling’s not-yet-published novel To Turn the Tide.

Name Age in 165 Height Other details
Arthur Vandenberg ~32 6ft West Point graduate, briefly US Army Captain, PhD Ancient History
Mark Findlemann ~25 6ft Jewish-American, clever, absent-minded, unfit
Jeremey McCladden ~25 ~5ft 9 American from Wisconsin, fit
Filipa Chang ~25 ~5ft 5 Korean-American from San Francisco, fit, lesbian
Paula Atkins ~25 ~5ft 5 African-American, unfit
Josephus ben Matthias
Lucius Maecius Josephus
30 5ft 5 Jewish-Syrian, born in Antioch
Deineira     Wife of Josephus
Matthias 10   Son of Josephus
Simonides 17 5ft 5 Nephew of Josephus
Sarukê dhugatêr Arsaliôn 27/28 5ft 9 Sarmatian freedwoman, bodyguard
Sextus Hirrius Trogus ~46 5ft 8 Indebted landowner
Julia ~25   Widowed sister of Sextus
Claudia ~59   Mother of Sextus and Julia
? 9   Daughter of Julia