Favourite links

Web search engines: Google, Ask.

Specialized search: Alexa, Wayback Machine.

Computer industry news: CNET, PC Magazine, ZDNet, ZDNet UK.

Jobs: Jobserve, Monster gateway, InfoJobs, PlanetRecruit, Randstad Technologies.

Computer hardware: Apple, Dell, Dell Spain, DellTalk, Epson, HP, HP Designjet, Iomega, iPodlounge, Lexmark, Logitech, Nikon.

Software: Adobe, Blogger, Cyberlink, Dropbox, Gibson, GlobalSCAPE, Greenview, HDRsoft, IrfanView, LibreOffice, Microsoft, Mozilla, OSA, PNG and MNG tools, RARLAB, Skype, TimePanic, Topaz Labs, Unicode (official), Unicode (Alan Wood).

Programming: Python, wxPython, Python GUI, Dive into Python 3, Peter Norvig, Perl, Java, Smalltalk.

Computer games: Paradox, Paradox Wikis, Crusader Kings III forum, Civ Fanatics, Firaxis, Slitherine, Sean O'Connor, The Wargamer, Matrix, AGEOD, Western Civilization, Chess variants, Chessbase, 2by3, Mad Minute, Digital Eel.

World Wide Web: Web hosts, Web.com, World Wide Web Consortium, HTML 5, HTML 4.01, W3C HTML Validation Service.

PC operating systems: Linux, Red Hat Linux.

Fonts: Identifont, Adobe Type.

Software shops: Grey Matter, Gameplay.

News and weather: BBC world news, BBC European news, The Economist, Meteocat, BBC weather, Weather.com.

Books: Goodreads, Amazon Spain, Amazon UK, Amazon US, Baen Ebooks, Standard Ebooks, Project Gutenberg, Calibre, Fictionwise, Annotated Pratchett File, Alibris (out-of-print), Pandora (out-of-print sf & mystery), Laissez-Faire Books, Good Book Guide, Waterstones.

Photos: Flickr, Big Huge Labs, Flickr Hive Mind, Youtube, Thom Hogan, Fujifilm, Photobox, Webshots.

People: Facebook, MeWe, Twitter, LinkedIn, Rick Cook, Lindsey Davis, Pevans, Jasper Fforde, Mark Forster, David Friedman's site and blog, Richard Guha, Chris Hughes, David Langford, Coco Llauradó, Ken Lunn, Barbara Mertz, Alexei Panshin, Terry Pratchett, Malcolm Shute, S. M. Stirling.

Travel & languages: Google Maps, Google Translate, Babbel, travlang, Expatica, What Car, locations and distances, easyJet, British Airways, Barcelona Airport, Dirección General de Tráfico, OANDA currency converter, l'Angolo del Camperista, OneBag, Universala Esperanto-Asocio.

Money: Banc Sabadell, ING Direct, Paypal, Barclays, Transferwise, Exchange rates, UK Retail Price Index, The Motley Fool UK and US.

Reference: Wikipedia, OED, Economist Style Guide.

Humour: Dilbert.

Politics: Partido de la Libertad Individual, US Libertarian Party, Anarcho-capitalism, Brights, Pirate Party.

Non-computer games: Boardgame Geek, Spiel by Web, Rio Grande Games, Eagle Games, TGS, Leisure Games.

War for Southern Independence: UNC archives, Grant's memoirs.

Nutty but interesting: Sealand, Seborga, Ladonia.

Music: BBC Music, Suzanne Vega, Paolo Conte, Al Stewart, Pete Atkin.

Education: Blundell's School, Sudbury Valley School.

Genealogy: Genes Reunited, Family Search, Ancestry.

Miscellaneous: Behind the name, Doctor Who, our local swimming pool.