About Thurb

Thurb is a word invented by Alexei Panshin in the late 1960s for his light-hearted and delightful sf novels Star Well, The Thurb Revolution, and Masque World (available as one combined e-book under the title New Celebrations). The word is used to describe the sound of a musical art form practised by a toad-like alien species and unappreciated by most humans. As such, it's vaguely analogous to this Web site.

A brief history of thurb.com

In September 1996 I started a Web site on CompuServe, at http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/jpalfrey.

In May 1999 I registered the thurb.com Internet domain with NameSecure, but it functioned only as an alias, automatically redirecting people to my Web site on CompuServe.

In those days, a .com domain was the thing to have, whatever sort of content you intended to publish. If I were choosing a domain now, I might choose thurb.info or palfrey.name, but I'm fond of thurb.com by now and see no real need to change it.

In November 2000 I finally moved my Web site off CompuServe, so that http://www.thurb.com/ became a real Web site, hosted by Burlee Networks.

Burlee was taken over by Interland in April 2003, but I continued with my Burlee hosting plan until May 2005, when I switched over to one of Interland's own hosting plans.

Interland changed its name to Web.com in March 2006.