ACW tournament 2003

These are the results of the ACW tournament organized in late 2003 by Ray Rivers via the Adanac forum.


Player US wins CS wins Total
Jonathan Palfrey 1/1 1/1 2/2
Joe Schweikert 0/1 1/1 1/2
Brian Lala - 1/2 1/2
Rusty Coleman - 1/2 1/2
Martin James 1/2 - 1/2
John Kallaugher 1/2 - 1/2
Ray Fantone - 0/2 0/2
Ray Rivers 0/1 - 0/1
Aaron Morley 0/1 - 0/1

On this basis, I provisionally declare myself the winner; though my score will be equalled by John Kallaugher or Brian Lala if I ever hear of a result from their game.

My thanks to my opponents Joe and Rusty, who both played well; both suffered from not fully understanding how battle results are calculated. In fact, no-one understands this, because Frank has deliberately kept it a secret.

The results suggest that the game is reasonably well balanced; but I continue to think that the the US should be able to win with good play on both sides.

Second round

US player CS player Result
Jonathan Palfrey Rusty Coleman Rusty resigned Sep 1863; (see report)
Martin James Ray Fantone Martin won 21 Jul 1863, taking Richmond
Ray Rivers Joe Schweikert Joe won Dec 1864 after Lincoln lost the election
John Kallaugher Brian Lala No news from either player

First round

Statistics United States
Joe Schweikert
Confederate States
Jonathan Palfrey
  Report Report
Territorial 120 135
Military 674 1156
Foraging 906,050 255,550
Casualties 1,186,800 729,200
Prisoners 26,750 4,600
Ocean ships sunk 318 191
River ships sunk 103 2
Territorial basis   Substantive victory
Military basis   Decisive victory
  United States
John Kallaugher
Confederate States
Ray Fantone
Territorial 219 36
Military 862 464
Foraging 514,050 378,550
Casualties 604,100 584,350
Prisoners 8,750 8,050
Ocean ships sunk 41 52
River ships sunk 70 2
Territorial basis Decisive victory
(capital taken)
Military basis Substantive victory  
  United States
Martin James
Confederate States
Brian Lala
Territorial 90 164
Military 1,345 1,250
Foraging 476,250 566,750
Casualties 1,426,600 1,290,650
Prisoners 600 1,050
Ocean ships sunk 281 220
River ships sunk 32 53
Territorial basis   Decisive victory
Military basis Marginal victory  
  United States
Aaron Morley
Confederate States
Rusty Coleman
Territorial basis (dropped out*) Decisive victory
Military basis   Decisive victory

* Aaron tells me, years later, that his Internet connection went down for a week and he was declared a dropout for that reason. I knew nothing of this at the time.