John's report, 9 Nov 2003

JULY: Missouri falls to Union on turn two.

AUTUMN: Kentucky invaded — South holds Bowling Green — battles in Columbus KY (held by Union) — South attacks Washington DC, Strasburg — high losses... no success — Union takes Florida east coast ports.

DECEMBER: Union takes Staunton VA.

JANUARY-MARCH 1862: New Bern, Beaufort NC fall to Union.

MARCH: Union takes Fort Donelson — attacks Nashville — main Confederate army withdraws from Bowling Green — battle in Nashville continues (around 10 turns).

SPRING: Confederates take Columbus KY — attacks on Cairo and Fort Donelson are rebuffed — emancipation proclaimed —intervention drops below 20%.

JUNE: Staunton and Charlottesville taken by Union while main force is pinned in Fredericksburg — Union forces from New Bern attacking Raleigh NC.

AUGUST: attacks on Richmond (based from Charlottesville) commence — main Confederate army still in Fredericksburg — Decatur ALA falls to Union.

SEPTEMBER: Norfolk taken by Union — Confederate main army falls back from Fredericksburg.

JANUARY 1863: Memphis falls, Corinth falls.

FEBRUARY: Richmond falls (game does not end because Confederate domestic prestige remains positive) — Raleigh new Confederate capital — Wilmington NC falls.

MARCH: Nashville falls.

MARCH-JULY: Helena, Vicksburg, Jackson, New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Mobile, Talahassee, Charleston — all fall.

Raleigh falls at end of July — game ends.