Frank Hunter's American Civil War game

This game of the whole American Civil War was made by Frank Hunter in 1996, which is when I originally bought it. There was a long series of updates up to at least 2004, but it remains basically an old game. Here I provide the game itself and my own introductory-level documentation for it, to supplement the official manual.

Download Yes, it's free; no, I don't guarentee that it will run on your system, and I don't provide support — you're on your own
How to play Essential information about the things you have to do every turn
Tips Additional information about miscellaneous things
All about supplies Which are very important in the game
All about leaders Which are quite important in the game
All about weapons Which are less important than they should be
Strategy tips Beginner level — I'm no expert
Manual errata The ones I know about
Bugs The ones I know about
Tournament Results

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If you don't have the game already, it's a strategical-level turn-based game of the whole four-year war. You take the place of the president of the Union or the Confederacy and his top-level generals. What you see is a map of the USA in 1861 with counters representing armies, corps, and divisions. There are no fancy graphics and no fast action. This is a serious simulation, it's quite slow-paced, and it takes a long time to play.

Although it's basically a good game, hence my original interest in creating these pages, I no longer play it myself because it still contains some annoying bugs and undesirable features.

Frank has made some more modern games in recent years, of which some at least are available from Matrix Games.