Time and again
(Jack Finney, 1970)

Confusingly, this book has the same title as an older novel by Clifford Simak. Both stories involve time travel, but thereís no other resemblance.

This one is an affectionate and nostalgic look at New York in 1882; the author seems to have researched the period thoroughly, and conjures up the atmosphere quite well. The novel even includes a number of old photographs.

The hero travels back in time as part of an experiment sponsored by the American government; and to investigate a mystery. Itís a crime story and a love story, a historical romance with elements of science fiction.

Both the good and the bad aspects of life in 1882 are described; but the author clearly prefers the past.

Not a literary masterpiece, but itís an unusual book that you may find worth reading.

Originally published in Thurb 27 in September 1994