Snow Crash
(Neal Stephenson, 1992)

This is an action-packed novel slowed down in places by some intrusive background information. It seems to have been popular and influential in the 1990s, and inspired various virtual worlds that have now been created in cyberspace, such as Second Life.

It's set in a future in which the American government still exists, and still employs quite a lot of people, but seems to be largely irrelevant to everyone else. The President's name and face are not recognized. If the book ever explains how this diminished form of government functions, I missed it.

The story is mostly about the main characters, described below:

I quite enjoyed the book despite its occasional bloody deaths and occasional briefings on Sumeria. I wouldn't rate it as one of my favourites, but it was worth reading for the colourful and imaginative worlds that it describes (the real world and the Metaverse), and even for its weird account of Sumerian history and language.

Written in October 2006