Harry Potter
(J K Rowling, 1997-2007)

I'm very much in two minds about the Harry Potter books. On the one hand, I've read and reread them with enjoyment. On the other hand, there are some aspects of them that I don't like.

By now I suppose everyone has either read them or decided not to read them, so I don't really need to explain anything about them; I'll just give my opinions in brief.

Plus points:

Minus points:

I liked the first and third books best. I disliked the fifth book at first reading; it becomes more tolerable when reread, but the ridiculously-named Dolores Umbridge and her activities are way over the top. Apparently Rowling felt the urge to dramatize the workings of a fascist state in the context of a teenage school story; in context, I found it neither credible nor entertaining. Fortunately, we see much less of Umbridge in the subsequent books.

Written in July 2007