The ship

The Enchantment of the Seas was only about six months old at the time of the cruise, and was in fine condition. Public areas are spacious and attractive.

It's 916 feet (279 m) long and 106 feet (32 m) wide. Vertically, it extends 25 feet (8 m) below the waterline and 196 feet (60 m) above. Although it looks top-heavy, it seems perfectly stable in practice — there must be some heavy ballast in the bottom, I suppose. The gross tonnage is 74137. Maximum speed is 24 knots. It has a crew of 760 people.

Movement of the ship is extremely slight and surely wouldn't make anyone feel even slightly seasick. During our cruise the decks remained horizontal throughout. In a moderate sea, there's a very slight bouncy feeling, with tiny tremors from the waves slapping the hull, but this isn't really noticeable unless you deliberately pay attention to it.