Ragtime in Simla
(Barbara Cleverly, 2002)

This is the second in a series of novels in which Joe Sandilands, a London policeman, finds himself investigating crimes in India in the 1920s.

Like the first, the book seems well researched although not based on personal experience. The story is quite exciting and the plot rather complex; perhaps too complex.

Again, it's a story of British India, and this time almost all of the characters are Europeans (British, French, Russian). Nominally, there are a few Indian characters, but they have very little to say.

Two men have been very clearly murdered in Simla (shot with a rifle), and Joe Sandilands is looking for the killer in a difficult social situation with a variety of suspects and motives.

After reading two of these Joe Sandilands novels, I enjoyed both, but there are certain aspects that I'm not happy with.

Written in July 2009