Favourite music

Now that I listen to music mainly via iTunes, I start to think of favourites in terms of individual tracks rather than albums. Here's a selection of my favourite tracks in reverse chronological order, in which each performer is represented by no more than one track.

Pink Martini: The gardens of Sampson & Beasley (2004)
Pat Metheny (Marsden): Ferry cross the Mersey (1964/2003)
Charlie Haden: Moonlight (2001)
Ella Baila Sola: Cuando los sapos bailen flamenco (1996)
Kirsty MacColl: Last day of summer (1994)
Alison Statton & Spike: Tidal blues (1994)
Paolo Conte: Gli impermeabili (1984/88)
Suzanne Vega: Ironbound/Fancy poultry (1987)
Claudio Arrau (Chopin): Waltz in C#m, Op. 64 #2 (1847/1979)
Blue Öyster Cult: Don't fear the reaper (1976)
Caravan: Winter wine (1971)
King Crimson: The court of the crimson king (1969)
Moody Blues: Dear diary (1969)
Nick Drake: River man (1969)
Pink Floyd: Astronomy domine (1967/69)
Leonard Cohen: Master song (1967)
Yardbirds (Gouldman): For your love (1965)
Getz & Gilberto (Jobim): The girl from Ipanema (1962/63)

If you prefer to think in terms of albums, here are some albums I currently think of as favourites. If you want more information about any of these, search Amazon, or the Web in general. See also some of my own compilations.

Pink Martini: Hang on little tomato (2004)
Charlie Haden: Nocturne (2001)
Charlie Haden & Pat Metheny: Beyond the Missouri sky (1997)
Göran Söllscher (JS Bach): Transcriptions for guitar (1992)
Alison Statton and Spike: Maple snow (1994)
Gerry Mulligan: Lonesome boulevard (1990)
Paolo Conte: my own compilation (1985-95)
Leonard Cohen: I'm your man (1988)
Susanne Vega: Solitude standing (1987)
Peter Hurford (various): Baroque organ music (1987)
Al Stewart: my own compilation (1966-2008)
Nena: ? (1984)
Donald Fagen: The nightfly (1982)
Claudio Arrau (Chopin): Fantasie-Impromptu and other works (1979)
Tom Waits: The heart of Saturday night (1974)
Steely Dan: Pretzel logic (1974)
JJ Cale: Okie (1973)
Santana: Caravanserai (1972)
Nick Drake: my own compilation (1968-74)
Bo Hansson: The lord of the rings (1970)
The Doors: my own compilation (1967-71)
King Crimson: At the court of the Crimson King (1969)
Pink Floyd: Ummagumma (1969)
Leonard Cohen: The songs of Leonard Cohen (1968)
The Beatles: my own compilation (1965-69)
The Monkees (various): my own compilation (1966-67)
Paul Desmond: The ballad of Paul Desmond (1964)
Stan Getz & João Gilberto (various): Getz/Gilberto (1963)

Favourites of 1972-75

As far as I remember, these were some of my favourite albums as a university student. I suppose I also continued to play my school favourites (see below).

Steely Dan: Pretzel logic (1974)
Al Stewart: Past, present & future (1973)
Mike Oldfield: Tubular bells (1973)
Santana: Caravanserai (1972)
Bo Hansson: The lord of the rings (1972)
Yes: Close to the edge (1972)
Curved Air: Second album (1971)
Caravan: In the land of grey & pink (1971)
Doors: L.A. woman (1971)
Pink Floyd: Meddle (1971)
Traffic: The low spark of high-heeled boys (1971)
Led Zeppelin: 3 (1970)
Moody Blues: In search of the lost chord (1968)

Favourites of 1970-71

As far as I remember, these were my favourite albums in my final year at school. I still like all of them, though I haven't copied every track of every album to iTunes.

Neil Young: After the gold rush (1970)
Beatles: Abbey Road (1969)
Leonard Cohen: Songs from a room (1969)
Pink Floyd: Ummagumma (1969)
King Crimson: At the court of the Crimson King (1969)
Strawbs: Strawbs (1969)
Al Stewart: Love chronicles (1969)
Doors: The soft parade (1969)
various: Easy rider (soundtrack) (1969)
Moody Blues: On the threshold of a dream (1969)
Fat Mattress: One (1969)
Traffic: Mr Fantasy (1968)
Tom Paxton: Morning again (1968)
Iron Butterfly: In a gadda-da-vida (1968)
Edith Piaf (various): Mea culpa (1957?)

I have all the above on CD now, except Mea culpa; but I have probably all of the Mea culpa tracks on other Piaf compilations.