Clearly my favourite Doors album is L.A. Woman; the one I first heard and liked was The Soft Parade, but since I left school its attractions have faded somewhat. I have no use for their first three albums, apart from the tracks selected here.

The crystal ship 1967
Light my fire 1967
End of the night 1967
You're lost little girl 1967
People are strange 1967
Summer's almost gone 1968
Spanish caravan 1968
Yes, the river knows 1968
Blue Sunday 1970
The spy 1970
Indian summer 1970
Touch me 1969
Shaman's blues 1969
Wishful sinful 1969
The changeling 1971
Love her madly 1971
Cars hiss by my window 1971
L.A. woman 1971
L'America 1971
Riders on the storm 1971