Campaigns on the Danube

These pages will provide supplementary documentation for Frank Hunter's Napoleonic strategy game, available from Matrix Games. But I'm just starting and there isn't much here yet.

The rules of this game are very well conceived and not too complicated. The aim is to reproduce Napoleonic strategy as it really was: so you take the place of the overall commander (Napoleon, for instance), your orders are sent to your forces by messengers on horseback, and you receive reports from your forces in the same way. This means that both orders and reports are normally out of date by the time they're received.

Napoleon's observation that an army marches on its stomach is supported by detailed supply rules, and by supply wagons and depots that are visible on the map.

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JPEG map a map of the whole campaign area, compression level 30, 1.04 MB
(right-click the link to download)
PNG map the same map, slightly higher image quality, 10.82 MB
Frank's notes information revealed by Frank Hunter on the Matrix forum
Orders of battle who's got what in each scenario