Frank's notes

Here are some snippets of information released by Frank Hunter on the Matrix forum up to the 15th of May 2004. I've tried to assign them to the numbered headings in the manual where they might belong.

2.2.1 As for the map, there are some mistakes where the internal data doesn't line up with the actual terrain. All roads were checked over and over and they do line up. Some of the terrain doesn't.

3.3.2 I have no plans to add tcp/ip. I did have tcp/ip instead of pbem in the 1806 game but pbem was far more in demand. Putting both in is a lot of extra work so I chose to stay with just the pbem.

4.4 On weather during months when snow is not possible it's just more rain.

5.2.5 When starting, it's a good idea to leave supply to the AI with your only input being the location of your Centre of Operations and hospital.

6.2.3 CHQs do not take their orders into account when deciding which hex to move into. Those orders are for their elements. CHQs are busy trying to maintain supply and communication. That means "bouncing" will occur between its elements. It's a big reason why dividing a command and sending it down 2 different roads is a recipe for confusion (command stress).

6.2.3 Order of march for corps elements was actually in the game but it was very prone to problems so I took it out for this game quite a while ago. I do intend to get that working when I do another game in this series but like some other ideas I put it back on the shelf temporarily.

6.2.5 Query: bridge destruction messages basically report damage at "hex 17, 13 (#)". The # is a number between 3 and 18 (in my experience). Sometimes the damaged bridges have a red "x" at each bank but usually they don't. I have no recollection of seeing anyone cross a bridge hexside with a red "x" on each bank, so I assume those bridges are down. I am guessing that the # is the amount of destruction, presumably cumulative; when the cumulative damage exceeds some number (anybody know what it is), I assume the bridge collapses.

Answer: the red "x" means the bridge is down. The # you refer to is the damage inflicted by the destruction attempt.

6.2.5 It is possible to repair/replace a bridge with your single bridge engineer unit attached to your army HQ.

12.5 Supply consumption is basically adding up the strength of the division including stragglers and wounded.

This is only a rough guide since other factors enter into it. The biggest being attrition of the supplies during movement.

12.7 Red text (unit name) means the unit is out of supply.

14.4.4 Heavy cavalry get a 50% bonus over light cavalry in battle. I should check that number, going from memory.

17.0 In the 1809 campaign the Napoleon HQ is "stuck" at Ulm. This was because Napoleon was still en route to the theatre and Berthier was in charge (and doing a less than stellar job). I forget the date but eventually the HQ is freed up.