American Civil War games

Despite the fact that I've hardly ever set foot in America, I've had a persistent interest in the American Civil War ever since discovering Colonel Henderson's biography of Stonewall Jackson in the school library in about 1970.

My interest is primarily in strategical games of the whole war: I'm not so interested in battle games.

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Frank Hunter's ACW game (1996-2003) was a basically well-designed game that Frank unfortunately never managed to debug. I played it solo for years, and even played two full games by e-mail, but in the end I couldn't tolerate the bugs. This game is now available free.

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2By3 Games' ACW game (2008) is the only one of these that I don't have. Reviews suggest that it's another complicated game with a long manual, and I weary of spending money on games that I'll never play. Games should be easy and fun to play, but all these modern games seem too much like hard work.

AGEOD's ACW game (2007) is probably the best of the recent games, but I can't say for sure because its complexity has so far put me off trying it. Unlike the other two recent games, most of the rules are not optional and you have to learn all of them.

Forge of Freedom (2006) seems fundamentally misconceived to me. It copies Sid Meier's Civilization by allowing players to construct a variety of buildings in each city, that affect the city's economic and military production in specific ways. The game designer seems to think that the USA and CSA in the 1860s were centralized command economies like the USSR, in which the federal government (i.e. the player) could dictate the development of each city. This is such nonsense that I can't stomach it at all. I bought the game but I've never played it.

Hutsell's ACW game (1993-98) is a very simple and primitive game, too simple even for me, although I did spend a while playing it at one time.