ACW manual errata

Cost of recruitment bonus (page 66)

The manual and the Manpower Settings dialog box in the game itself say that the recruitment bonus is paid per 500 men recruited, but experiments suggest that in fact the bonus is paid per 100 men recruited (approximately) — so recruitment costs about five times as much as the game tells you it does.

Maximum numbers of fleets/units (pages 23, 24)

You can now have up to 100 fleets and 120 divisions/corps, according to Frank (Adanac forum, 10 Nov 2003).

The following errata apply to the original game manual. The PDF file of the manual now available from Frank's Web site has been corrected.

Returning brigades to the pool (pages 24, 36, 43)

Once you've mobilized a brigade, you can't transfer it back to the national pool. This facility was removed from the game because it allowed brigades to teleport freely around the country.

Amphibious capacity (page 63)

One undamaged transport can carry 300 load points (not 350). A gun with gunners is 25 load points (not 12.5). Therefore a transport can carry 1500 men or 12 guns, or a mix. Horses aren't counted.

Increasing weapons production (page 71)

The cost of increasing smoothbore production is 94 per pair (not 89).

The cost of increasing Whitworth production is 224 per pair (not 24!).

Capturing states (page 76)

Frank Hunter, Adanac forum, 9 Nov 2002: “When I originally wrote the game for I-Magic the CSA did indeed lose all of its recruits from Tenn when Nashville fell. However, I knew I had changed that, just couldn't remember when. I just checked it and the CSA gets 40% of the recruits from Tenn after Nashville falls plus another 10% for each Tenn city still under CSA control.”

I presume this applies to other states as well as to Tennessee.