Cruise costs

Here's a breakdown of what our week-long cruise cost us. I've excluded presents and other incidental purchases. I've also excluded photographic costs: we spent £172 on ship's photos, film, and processing while on the ship, and in addition some films were processed back in Spain.

We paid in advance for transport to and from the airport; it might have been cheaper to take an ordinary taxi.

Costs were incurred in pesetas and US dollars; I've converted them all to sterling (rounded to the nearest pound).

Cruise (including ship, cabin, and food) £1124
Flights, Barcelona-Miami-Barcelona £574
Everglades Hotel, one night £34
Transport airport-hotel, ship-airport £68
Five excursions £311
Drinks (we drank moderately) £69
Tips (roughly as recommended) £104
Laundry £24
TOTAL £2308