The cabin

We booked late and all we could get was an interior cabin on deck 2. This is one of the cheapest cabins on board. No window, but mirrors behind the beds make it seem larger and lighter.

The quality of even this basic cabin is impressive. It's not large, but it's not uncomfortably small. Everything in it is quite attractive and works well. The beds are comfortable. I was very surprised to hear almost no noise from other passengers or crew. We could sleep undisturbed until ship announcements began in the morning (perhaps about 8 a.m. on some days).

Apart from the two beds, the cabin contains an armchair, an upright chair, a round table, a dressing table (can be used as a small desk) with mirrors and four power sockets (two of each voltage), a wardrobe, and a number of drawers and cabinets. There's plenty of storage space.

The television can be viewed from the chairs, but it also swivels easily for watching in bed. It has 24 channels, including four satellite TV channels (CNN, etc.), four film channels, four music channels, and various channels offering different kinds of information about the cruise. Shows and informational presentations in the theatre are recorded and replayed on some channels so that people who missed them can catch them later. We didn't spend much time sitting in the cabin watching television (!), but the cruise information channels were sometimes useful.

The shaver socket in the bathroom is dual-voltage and accepted a European plug without difficulty.

The cabin is quite satisfactory even for a honeymoon. If you can afford to pay more, go for a luxury cabin by all means, but there's no need to avoid even the cheapest cabins for fear of a bad experience.